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Chicken Eggs ~ Meet our Diva Hens!

We SELL Farm Fresh Organic Eggs!

Our chickens are happy healthy organically fed and they free range all day long on our 3 acre property in Summerdale, AL.  We feed them yummy vegetables and fruits daily as well.  Our hens are spoiled rotten and very much LOVED!

Mix of Robin Egg Blue ~ Brown ~ Tan – $3 a Dozen


Meet our Diva Hens our Ameraucana chickens!

File Jan 31, 3 24 50 PM

The Divas – Goldie ~ Gertha ~ Helga ~ Ziggy

They are the rulers of the roost – Helga is the leader of all the girls and one of our BEST layers.

Ameraucana lay the Robin Egg Blue eggs – so beautiful and delicious!

p.s. Helga & Goldie are secretly my fav girls!   I probably hold Helga now daily and we

have our morning chats .. me over coffee and her over cat food!

Meet our Silkie, Frizzle and Bannie

Photo Feb 09, 7 32 59 PM

Hazel ~ Sweet Pea ~ Gypsy

These girls love to follow their big sisters around all day and lay the cutest little pinkish eggs.

Great tasting and we use them for scramble eggs!

Meet the newest girls to the Flock!

They have only been with us a few weeks and still getting use to everything & everyone!  These girls will lay big brown & tan eggs.  We adopted them from a sweet family that loved them so very much.  We are excited to have them.


Black Australorps – Stella & Sassy

Rhode Island Red – Queen B.

Rhode Island Red /Ameraucana Mix – Birtha

Just Arrived!

Just added these two beauties to the Flock!  These girls lay big med/small brown eggs!

We will update more as we get to know them.


Buff Orpington – Henrietta & Lavender Orpington – Dixie Chick

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