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Blog Much?

What .. have I really ignored my sweet little blog page for almost a year?!  I don’t even have my galleries up .. what the heck is wrong with me??  I think Facebook just consumes most of my time and I fail to head over here and keep up! Well I am going to make a…

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I was a “Young Mommy” ..

What does that mean .. “Young Mommy”?  Haha .. so NOT what you are thinking!  With Mother’s Day just around the corner it got me thinking .. Everyone always asks me if I have or had kids .. why sure I did-do!  When I proceed to tell them about all my wonderful fur-babies they shake…

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Did you know?

Did you know .. When I first got into photography 13 years ago .. I started by shooting Macro (close-up) Photography. I raised this butterfly from an egg, to a caterpillar then to this beautiful butterfly. I watched him hatch and waited while his wings dried and then I held him on my finger and…

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30 Days of Film

So I have been busy lately .. I participated in a little film project called 30 Days of Film.  For the entire month of February.  You were to take your camera everywhere and filmed things that you are grateful for, things you love or maybe things you see everyday that you take for granted.  The challenge…

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